Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ashen Sky Life Episode #1: Of Bacon, Cool Points, and Will & Elle

(This was written as a conversation, just like the web shows we did when Ashley came to visit. Since we can't put our webshows on the blog, we thought this would be the next best thing. And yes, we really are this random. We'll probably do more in the future, because it was way too much fun.)

Sky: Hi, this is Sky! And welcome to Ashen Sky Life!
Ash: Hi, this is Ash!
S: We are looking at houses.
A: For a couple of our characters.
S: Yes, because they're literally a couple. They kinda have to be to live together.
A: Yes. They are. And they are some of our favorite characters.
S: Their names are Will and Elle.
A: And they have an amazing back story.
S: Wanna hear it?
A: Of course they wanna hear it!
S: You're smart. Okay... well, they started out as best friends.
A: They've known each other since they were born.
S: And they have been best friends ever since.
A: They were closer than anyone else in the world.
S: But they were just friends, see.
A: Because neither of them realized how they felt.
S: Until Elle went on tour with her sister's husband's band.
A: And then Will realized something.
S: He was in love with Elle! [this is when you all gasp.]
A: And Elle, well, she didn't like him. [this is where you all sigh]
S: Because Elle was dating someone else. And Will was jealous. Because he loved Elle. Obviously.
A: Elle didn't love this other guy, but she liked him, thought that maybe he could be the one.
S: But Will knew that he couldn't let Elle marry another dude.
A: Because he loved Elle.
S: Duh.
A: And he didn't want his heart to get broken by watching her with another guy. Though, he wasn't able to just tell her how he felt.
S: Do you think we're spoiling this?
A: Uh, do you?
S: Well, we kind of already told them Will & Elle are a couple. Since they live together. And they're married.
A: Right. So I guess that we're not spoiling anything. So anyways, where were we? Oh yes, he wasn't able to tell her how he felt.
S: Because he was afraid. Even though he was a manly man, he was still afraid.
A: So he just let her date the other guy, trying to get his mind off of her, and how much he liked her.
S: *whispers* it didn't work.
A: He liked her too much. He'd liked her for a long time, but didn't realize what he had until she was with someone else.
S: Isn't that technically considered jealousy?
A: Yes, he was jealous. They had been inseparable for 14 years and he didn't want that to change.
S: Will was afraid that would happen, if he and Elle got married. To other people.
A: Right. He didn't want that. *smiles* Because he wanted to marry her.
S: Do we tell them what happened?
A: I don't know *thinks* mm....should we?
S: I think that it's Will & Elle's story and maybe we should ask them.
A: Sure. Will, Elle, are you okay with us using your story? Oh. Wait!!! It's OUR story. They're only them because of US!
S: Goooood pointtt.
A: Sky, stop interrupting, it makes me forget where we were...oh. He wanted to marry her.
S: So he did. Oh, sorry. I interrupted again.
A: Anyways! Elle eventually broke up with her boyfriend...which made Will happy!
S: Very, very, very happy!! And then they fell in love. The end.
A: But that isn't a cute way to do it! You are such a spoil-sport!
S: Well, if we tell them how it happened, nobody will read the book [when it comes out in about 10 years.]
A: Gooooodddd poinnttttttt. Yes. They fell in love. The End. There. Now it's finished.
S: Okay, okay. We can give them one hint.
A: Which one?
S: Bacon.
A: AH! Bacon! I love bacon. So does Will.
S: I love Will.
A: I could eat some bacon.
S: We SHOULD eat some bacon.
A: Mmmm...that would be yummy. In honor of Will and Elle.
S: The best characters ever.
A: Yup. And these people will LOVE Will and Elle when their story is published, will they not?
S: Of course. You can't wait, can you?
A: For the publication? Of course not! When it's published, I shall go SQUEEE!
S: Me too! Okay, if someone read ALL of this, I'd give them cool points. Or bacon.
A: Bacon AND cool points!
S: What could be better than that?
A: Nothing. Except maybe reading the published Will and Elle story.
S: We can read Will & Elle while eating bacon.
A: Good idea!
S: Okay, we've probably bored the readers to death by now. Readers? Readers? Are you still there?
A: They're probably gone. What's the use?
S: They missed out on the bacon and cool points.
A: Uh, their loss.
S: More for us!
A: yay! yay! yay!
S: Maybe next time we can introduce them to Cale, and Dereck, and Bekah. Okay, I was lying when I said Will & Elle were the best. I love all of them.
A: They're all amazing. Will and Elle are SOME of the best. But Cale, and Dereck, and Bekah and Leigha...well, they're just as best-est-er as Will and Elle.
S: Just like bacon.
A: Yes. Like bacon.
S: So, do you think this is the end?
A: I think this is THE END!
S: Until you read the Will & Elle story. With bacon.
A: Right. We need to make sure to DEFINITELY add bacon into Will and Elle now.
S: Definitely. Because the world wouldn't be the same without bacon.
A: No. It just would not be the same. Now I REALLY want bacon.
S: Let's go get some.
A: Okay! Bye readers! Time for some bacon!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Problem Solved?

One of the main reasons we haven't been writing is because of Google Docs. Once we hit 50k, our document took forever to load. It discouraged us from writing so much that we did just that: we didn't write.

I got the idea the other day that we could start a completely new document and continue the story from there. That way it doesn't take nearly as long to load, and we can write as much as we used to.

Well, maybe not as much as we used to. We're still getting back into the groove of things. Now that our two MCs have fallen for each other, it feels like the story is done. Actually, that couldn't be farther from the truth. We still have so much more plot to write. I wouldn't be surprised if we got to 70, or 80k.

We are writing right now, and I forgot how much I missed this. I don't know about Ashley, but I'm starting to get excited about this story again. I dearly love Google Docs, but sometimes you have to outsmart it. Google Docs will not keep us from writing! ;) And can I just say I ♥ writing? Yes. I really ♥ writing.


Current WC in Doc #1: 53,215
Current WC in Doc #2: 1,998
Total WC: 55,213

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I'd love to make the announcement that Kylie and I hit another marker in our story - that we're farther along than we were a couple of days ago...that we wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote.

But I can't...
...because that would be a lie...
And I'm a Christian
...and Christians shouldn't lie....

We haven't written much at all lately, our story has DEFINITELY hit a lull and neither of us are seriously in the mood to write. But I know that we will get back to it, because it's only right. Our characters should not be ignored.
We don't like to be ignored, why should they?
 Maybe while I'm thinking about it, I should write...
...okay. I'll do that.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Interpersonal Relationships

Bekah is the sister of Cale.
Cale is friends with Leighla.
Leighla is married to Channing.
Channing is the brother of Dereck.
Dereck likes Bekah. 
Bekah is best friends with Leighla.
Leighla is a matchmaker, trying to match Dereck and Bekah.
Dereck and Bekah love each other.
The end.

There you go, the plot of our novel.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

In which we hit 50,000

Check it OUT! ^

YAY! Another announcement. Please allow me to step up on my soapbox for a moment.

*clears throat*

The Stats

We started this story: 37 days ago - 1.8.11
We hit 20K: 15 days ago - 2.2.11
We hit 30K: 10 days ago - 2.7.11
We hit 40k: 8 days ago - 2.9.11
We hit 50k: 2 days ago - 2.15.11
We are writing: A little slower than before.

As you can probably guess, Ashley's inner struggle from her last post resulted in her reaching 50k. I was too excited to be mad at her. Our story is about three quarters of the way done, maybe not even that far. Trutfully, she and I are shooting for 80k if at all possible.

At this point, our two main characters, Dereck and Bekah, have fallen in love, and all I can say is finally! It is kind of sad though. Although we have tons of plot yet, it kind of feels...over. It's hard to explain, but now that they're officially in love, it just seems like there's not as much to write about.

Oh well. We'll figure something out. We always do. :)


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Listening to Music While Writing

As I am sitting at my computer, trying to think if I should keep writing, I'm listening to "the Cale song". It's in the sidebar - if you haven't already checked it out, go do so now - and I just keep listening to it.

Ideas keep rolling through my mind, as I'm writing this morning in Dereck and Bekah. I have ideas galore. But I don't know if I should stop and let Kylie take over when she gets on the computer later. I feel selfish when I write huge parts and she doesn't get a chance to write! :P But of course, she's not on the computer right, because it's early morning there.

We are almost at 50,000 words and I would love, love, love to get to that before she gets on - to surprise her, but I'm also deciding if I need to just get off the computer and let Kylie reach it.

We've been writing this particular story for 38 days. I really can't wait to hit the 50K maybe I will go write some more.

Plus, it doesn't help that the story is yelling at me to write it.....


Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Look Inside Their Closets: The Guys

Part of the reason *I* haven't been posting on this blog, or even writing in our story, is because my laptop is currently down with some unexplainable issues. I'm hoping to take it into a repair shop (or maybe get a new one?! :P), but at the moment it's not available for my use. Fortunately my family has a couple desktops, and I'm pretty much on as much as I normally am, but it's throwing me off not to have my normal computer. >.<

Ah, well. It's okay. I just wrote a hugely long part (yes, I know that's redundant) in the story, and hopefully Ashley can run with it. I had a dream last night that gave me an awesome idea for the story - that's proof that I'm a hopeless romantic. Too bad it's only fiction. ;)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the post about what our characters wear. I say that because I have the second installment: the guys. :P I needed a break from writing in our book, so I turned to the blog. :P

It took me a while to figure out that I could do guys' fashion on Polyvore too, and when I found out, I was ecstatic. Dereck and Cale, our main male characters, are what make the story what it is. It just wouldn't be the same without them. So, without further ado, since I can't introduce them to you, I'll do the next best thing: introduce you to what they wear. ;)


Dereck is our other title character in ... Dereck and Bekah. :P As you can probably guess, he's Bekah's love interest, so I think his outfit goes really well with hers. (Again, I dig the shoes... and the beanie. :P)

The look I was going for was preppy but comfortable at the same time. Dereck likes t-shirts, jeans, and hoodies - but I don't know, somehow he looks nice while doing it. :P

Something that tickled my funny bone - when I was looking for clothes for Dereck, I honestly couldn't understand why everything that stood out to me for him was from American Eagle. It made me laugh to realize that in the initial planning stages, his nickname was Eagle. ;P


I'm sure you've all heard about Cale. He's Bekah's brother, and she picked up wearing plaid from him, as I'm sure you can already tell. Cale's really relaxed, but he loves plaid, Converse, and playing guitar. He and Dereck are really good friends, and are both into music, but they both have their own different personalities - which I hope came across in their clothes.

Although like Ashley, I don't like to pick favorites, I'd have to say Cale is pretty high up there. ;) And his outfits are pretty nice too.

Okay, well it's a beautiful day outside so I'm going to drag myself away from the computer and go outside. Maybe I'll get inspired while I'm out there. :)


Edit - Current WC: 46,301. :D

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Writing Slower

Maybe it's the hectic lifestyles, or the fact that we're just slowing ourselves down for the lack of ideas, but for some reason, we are not writing as much as we had been. I guess that's normal for writers, but this story is so in our 'blood', that we feel - when we're not writing as much - that we are failing our characters - at least I do! 

My characters are so real to me, they keep giving me ideas - and Kylie too, obviously - but we just can't get it out onto paper, or Google docs as the case may be.

I don't usually choose favorite characters in stories because it's almost like picking favorites of your children, but with this story, it's hard not to. They are all amazing - they have their own quirks and awesomeness - but I have chosen favorites. 

They are Cale and Leighla. These characters aren't the main characters in this particular story, but they both have their parts and they're amazing! They have a mix of humor and seriousness and they know how to pull it off! :P
Is that a form of vanity? 

Anyways, even though I told Kylie I was finished writing, I have an idea forming in this little mind of mine, so hopefully she won't mind, but I am going to go write some more!


Current Word Count: 44,261

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Look Inside Their Closets...

After our huge writing frenzy the past couple of days, our writing has kind of dwindled lately. We've been writing, but not as much as we had been. As it is, we have 42,904 words as of right now. That's a good 3k jump from where we were last post. I guess I shouldn't say we're too behind, but we haven't been writing 4,000 words a day or anything. Maybe a little break from writing exorbitant amounts of words will prove to be a good thing. We're at a point in the story where I think we need to take it a little slower than usual.

To make up for the lack of posts lately (again, we've been posting often but not every day), I wanted to link to some posts. Ash and I are participating in a 28-day blog challenge, and it's been really fun so far.

Sky: A Favorite Song (day 1) and A Favorite Movie (day 2)
Ash: A Favorite Song (day 1) and A Favorite Movie (day 2)

Also, I've found a new site that is somewhat addicting: Polyvore. You can mix and match outfits, and I ended up making some fashion collections for our female characters, Bekah & Leighla, based on what kind of clothes they would wear. While I don't think what they wear has any reflection on what's inside, it does give you a pretty good idea of their personalities, and I figured we could do this since we can't really post pictures of their faces. :P


Out of all of these, this one probably is my favorite. It also sums up Bekah the most. She and I are both simple: jeans, t-shirt, Converse. That's definitely what I love about Bekah.
She loves plaid too, which is something she picked up from her brother, Cale.
We picture Bekah with dark curly brown hair, so the purples and blues just seemed to fit really well with that. Not to mention they're my favorite colors. :)

Bekah - Summer

Bekah - Summer by MountainFireflower

Again, Bekah dresses simply with a different sort of flair. Jeans, shorts, and t-shirts. I particularly love the orange converse. :P


Leighla - Winter

Leighla - Winter by MountainFireflower

Leighla, Bekah's best friend, is a lot more dressy than Bekah is, and so it was really fun to pick out outfits for her. She has blonde curly hair and tan skin, so she looks particularly good in bright colors. The winter one is my absolute favorite - I love how all of the pieces are mix and match and the colors match so well. I didn't mean to do that! :P
Leighla - Summer

Leighla - Summer by MountainFireflower

While I really like this one too, it's probably the one that's least like me, since I'm not a fan of pink. But it's great for Leighla. Part of the problem I have with this outfit is that a lot of the items are things I'd never be able to afford. I mean seriously? $1,000 for a purse?
I love the white & green outfit though, and the denim shorts. I would wear the stuff on this one, if I could afford it. :P Leighla can't really either, but we can pretend. Maybe she likes designer knock-offs. :P

Edit: RIGHT after I posted this, Ashley told me we hit 43k. YAY!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In which we hit 40,000

I would like to interrupt your daily lives to announce something amazing. Well, at least amazing to Ashley and I.
Dereck & Bekah has now reached yet another milestone.
I'm lovin' all those zeroes.

The Stats

We started this story: 31 days ago.
We hit 20K: A week ago.
We hit 30K: Two days ago.
We are writing: Like crazy. :P

Thank you, that is all. You may now return to your regular broadcasting.


Current WC: 40,208

Writing Frenzy

Yesterday afternoon, Kylie and I had what we both like to call a "writing frenzy". This is a time when we're both online and we write and write and write and write and write and write and write. And write.
I think you get the picture. 

Only three days ago, we posted that we were at 28,000 words, which, we thought was completely awesome, because we hadn't been writing that story that long. In two days - yesterday and the day before that, we wrote up to 37,690. And I haven't even gotten a chance to write this morning, so I should take us up over 38,000. Which is 10K more than it was only three days ago.

We're getting anxious, because right now, we're at a part in our story, where we're in the middle,  and the plot is starting to lag a little. We're writing a part that isn't as interesting, a part that needs to be written, but we don't want do write it. That's a writer's worst nightmare - writing something that won't be interesting for readers. 

I think that Kylie posted that we finished our first novel together in 51 days, with a total of 73,000 words. That was amazing to us. Beforehand, neither of us had ever finished a story before, never even written more than 30,000 words by ourselves, so this was quite the accomplishment. Now, we've finished two whole stories together, if you look at our current writing projects page, you'll notice that other than Dereck and Bekah, there a couple different ones in the works. But of course, we're focusing on this one now, the book that is intriguing us! 

I think that writing with my best friend is one of my favorite things to do. I love writing on my own, but don't do it as much as I should, I guess. I find I write better when I have someone to pass the story off to when I get stuck, or have writer's block. 

Which is yet another thing - with two writer's, it's a lot harder to get writer's block. Between Kylie and me, we usually have so many ideas rolling in our heads, that when one of us is stuck, and doesn't know what to do next, the other one does. It's so helpful. :) 

I am going to go write. I have yet to read the part that Kylie wrote last, and I'm anxious to know where I can go with the story. 


Edit: Kylie wrote a rather short part, that left me hanging, trying to figure out where to go with this. I love you, Kylie, for doing this to me! 

Current Word Count: 38,100. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Cale Song

There just happens to be a character in our Dereck & Bekah story that Ashley and I absolutely adore. His name is Caleb Franklin O'Connor, aka Cale, and he's Bekah's older brother. He's sarcastic, sweet, and funny - not to mention musical, and while he has flaws (in particular his vanity), he's absolutely amazing.

This song reminds us of Cale for several reasons.
  1. It's just an awesome song.
  2. It has awesome lyrics
  3. And Cale is in the music video
Yes... Cale is in this music video. See him? It's the guy with the white shirt and red tie. (His real name is Matthew Thiessen, if you must know.)

Here's an introduction to Cale. He and Bekah are brother and sister, and he loves her. Most of the time. ;)

The first thing Cale noticed about his sister was that her face was bright red as she stomped down the hall towards him. The second thing he noticed was that that couldn’t possibly be good. At all.
“Hey, sis,” he said cautiously, not sure what mood Bekah was in. Better safe than sorry.
“Hi,” she mumbled, grabbing his arm. “It’s time to go.”
“Um, why?”
“Because I want to leave, that’s why.”
“But we haven’t even tried the cake!” Cale protested. There was no way he was missing that. Triple chocolate. With chocolate frosting. In other words, it was how Cale imagined heaven.
“Fine. You can stay since we took different cars. But I’m gonna head out.” She turned to leave, but Cale stopped her.
“Bek, what the heck is wrong?”
“You rhymed.”
“You know, I don’t appreciate my name being rhymed with ‘heck’. It’s not very flattering.”
“Uhhhh... sorry...” Cale said in confusion, holding his hands up in surrender. “But seriously, what’s wrong?”
Bekah unexpectedly threw herself into his chest in a full-on hug, and Cale nearly went toppling to the floor. If not for his amazingly cultivated balance, they would’ve fallen.
Never mind that he was standing in front of a wall.
“Dera hug me,” she said into his chest.
He frowned down at her and held her at arm’s length. “What did you say?”
“Dereck hugged me.” It was in that moment that Cale realized how good enunciation was.
“Okay, and this is a bad thing because...?”
“I don’t know. He invaded my personal space.”
“Um, Bekah, you just threw yourself at me in a hug that I didn’t expect. Talk about an invasion of space.”


Current word count: 34,125

Monday, February 7, 2011

Okay.....'s time for me to go jump around the room and do a little happy dance, everyone. This afternoon, Kylie and I hit 30,000 words in our story. 

I know, I know, you're asking "what does that matter"? Well, nothing, except for the fact that we have a lot more plot left, and will definitely be over 50,000 words when the book is finished. 

When I noticed that we had hit 30K, I was so happy - the story is finally starting to unfold into something that Kylie and I wanted it to, and it's so fun to write about characters we're so in touch with. 

Anyways, back to writing.
I don't believe in the saying : "stop while you're ahead." 
I believe in the saying : "DON'T stop while you're ahead, but keep on going!" 


Sunday, February 6, 2011

While you watch the Superbowl, I will write. ;)

Hola and como estas? ;)

Needless to say, that is all the Spanish I know.

This is Kylie, and I just wanted to take the time to do a few updates. First of all, Ashley posted an excerpt from our novel, Dereck & Bekah, so please do check it out. :) It's in the post below this one.

Also, our friend Tarissa is having a great event over at her blog, In the Bookcase. It's called Sharing Our Bookshelves. You can go find links and share your own that have anything and everything to do with writing! Check it out here.

In the meantime, the Superbowl is going on. Who are you rooting for? I'm inclined towards the Packers, but ... shhh - I'm really not watching. Ashley and I are having a writing frenzy instead. I mean, fictional people or football? Not really a tough choice. ;)

But if you're watching the game, tell us how it is. :D In the meantime, my characters are calling my name. 


Current WC: 28,552

Excerpt from Dereck and Bekah

Kylie and I decided that we were going to share a part of our story together here with everyone. I hope that you enjoy it - this is the opening to our story:

Prologue :

“Don’t do that, Dereck.” Bekah’s shrill voice made even her cringe.
“Why not?” He yelled back.
“Because I said so.” Rebekah O’Connor reached for the baseball bat that was in Dereck’s hand. She pulled hard, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t weasel it away from her enemy. Her nemesis. The guy that she hated more than anything in the world.
“You’re not strong enough.” His demeaning stance made her even more angry. Planting her feet on the ground, she took one last pull. Before she knew what was happening she felt her body plummeting to the ground, the baseball bat in her hands. Well, not really. The baseball bat that Dereck let go of so that she would fall backwards. The baseball bat that hit her head when she fell.
The baseball bat that she took in her hand, and with all the power in her, ran after Dereck, ready to hit him in the head with it.
Never mind that her head still hurt. She wanted - no, needed - to give him a lump on his head the size of the one on hers.
Revenge was a concept that six-year-olds barely understood, but thanks to Dereck, Bekah did.
She sprinted across the lawn, her bare feet barely touching the soft grass. He was barely ahead of her - just barely.
“Dereck!” she screamed. “Slow down!”
He laughed. “Why? You’ll only bang me over the head.”
She frowned up at the ten-year-old boy as he slowed to a stop. “Dereck Kingsley, you’re mean.”
“And you’re not?” he scoffed.
Her freckled nose scrunched as she glared up at him. “You’re really mean.”


Current Word Count: 26,681

Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to Write

I know a lot of people who have asked the question, "How does someone write?"

Well, honestly, I've never asked the question myself, because writing has been in my blood for ever since I can remember. Now, I've had so many instances of writer's block I can't even count them - and just because someone can write, doesn't make writing easy. But by the same token, just because you think you can't write, doesn't make writing hard.

I think the people who think they can't write have an easier time at writing than most of us. Because writing isn't something that you do, it's something that just happens. I've found that the people who think they can't write are the best writers of all.

So in case you're wondering how Ashley and I got here, with blossoming stories both written by both of us and separately, don't doubt yourself. We're not that great of writers either - we just love to tell stories. And we didn't plan to start writing; it just sort of happened.

My best advice to you? Don't worry about writing. Just do it. Open your notebook or a word document, and just write. Write whatever comes to mind - the stupid, the silly, the sad. It will be worth it. And don't listen to your inner editor - the little voice inside that tells you what you're writing is not worth the paper it's written on. Better yet, tie him up and lock him in the closet. You are your worst critic, and the sooner you realize that, the better. Your writing has worth; just like you have worth. Everyone has a story that needs to be told. Will you tell yours?

"You can make anything by writing."— C.S. Lewis


(Dereck & Bekah Current WC: 24,406.)

Friday, February 4, 2011


.....I should be doing school or doing chores, but instead, I sit on the computer writing a part in the Dereck and Bekah story - because, I'm a writer, and that's what writers do. I am currently working on a part right now! I love this story, especially the characters.

They are some of the best that Kylie and I have ever been able to come up with. They seem so real to me - and they're living in my brain a lot. They actually talk to me.

~Ashley (Ash) 

Current word Count: 24,121

Back to Reality

I love this story. The characters; the plot; everything.

But there comes a time where I have to drag myself away from what I'm writing and get back to Reality. The transition can be a little hard, but I love both worlds, even if one of them is fictional.

So now it's Ashley's turn to write, while I go get ready for my day. Yes, I'm the kind of writer who writes before everything else is done. But now I must unload the dishes, so it's Ashley's turn. Ashley take the wheel, take it from my hands... I can't write this on my own...


Current WC: 23,305.

Quick Update

I was super excited to see that Kylie had hit 22,000 words in our story last night. This is one of my favorite stories that I've ever written - and wouldn't be near as great without my best friend along on the ride with me. I could never have figured out a plot this awesome without her help and I am super excited to see what our final word count is. 

I wrote my part this morning - having us hit 23,000. I didn't really realize that I was writing that much - I just couldn't get myself stopped. Sometimes that happens - and other times, my parts are short because I don't have any ideas. Kylie and I are getting into the root of this story now, and it's becoming easier to write longer parts because we know what we want to happen next. 


As for my own personal writing - I am working on a plot for a story now - I have names and an idea of what I want - but it's really hard to know exactly where to start with it. I've also been reading over a story-series that I wrote in 2008 - when I was 14-15. Parts of it surprise me - did I actually write that? - and other parts are like really juvenile. My ideas were good at the time and I'll probably use some of them over because they're funny, but the story itself needs to be thrown out the window, never looked at again.
But every writer knows that's not the case. At least not me. I don't know that I've ever thrown away an old story - whether it be finished or not. 


Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hey, it's Kylie again. This is becoming a bit of a writing journal; so don't be surprised if you see more than one post in a day.

I just wanted to pop in and say that we hit 22k tonight after I wrote a longer part than usual. I have a renewed love for this story, Dereck & Bekah, and I could see it play out in my mind; almost like I'm watching a movie. I love it when that happens. I just wish it would happen more often. :P

Edit: I just wrote a scene in my own novel that I started a year ago - Talryn's Tale. It's been hard for me to write, but I'm so glad I did. This story needs to be written. If I don't write it, who will? ;)

Technical Difficulties

I would be writing right now, but my computer is having major issues. >.< I barely got a chance to read what Ash had written before it signed me off of Google Docs. Oh well, it just gives me extra time to think of where to go with this story next.

In case you're wondering, Ash and I alternate writing paragraphs. That's one thing that has always worked for us, ever since we started writing early in 2010. We'd been writing by ourselves of course, but suddenly the idea occurred to us to coauthor. We ended up writing our first novel in 51 days.

But that's another story for another time. Now, I'm going to go read Karen Kingsbury. That's one lady who knows how to write! I only hope I can be as good as her someday.

-Kylie (Sky)

Just Ashley Checking in....

Hi all - if you are visiting this blog, we thank you very kindly. It's still getting it's start and we're working on it slowly. We hope that you come back to read more about our writing projects and what's going on in them.

Like Kylie said, currently we are working on a story that we started 26 days ago - Jan 8th, 2011. We have exactly 20,901 words. This story is the first one that Kylie and I have ever written in third person together - actually, the first story I've ever written in third person at all. I usually write in first, and enjoyed doing that for the longest time, but now that I'm writing in third, I am enjoying that just as much, if not more. 

I, Ashley, am currently working on one story. I finished one a couple of months ago, coming it at a little over 50,000 words - that being the first novel that I finished by myself. It was quite an accomplishment for me - a big stepping stone in my life. Now, being finished with that one, I am working on a plot for another story and slowly starting the writing process. I have big expectations for this story and I want it to go exactly as planned, and of course, writers know that that rarely ever happens. Ah, well, I'll keep working at it! :)

We'll check in soon and work on keeping this updated with our story accomplishments and whatnot!

And with that, I am going to work on moving our word count up a little bit in Dereck and Bekah, so if you would please excuse me, as it is calling my name....

"Write me Ashley, write me." 

~Ashley (aka, Ash)

EDIT: After writing, we are at at 21,500 words. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Very Beginning

Doubtless you find yourself wondering what's up with this blog. Well, Ashley and I decided we wanted to be able to keep track of our most recent writing accomplishments, since it's hard to remember when we started a story; etc. We already had this blog started for our band, but since that's on hold for the moment, we decided to make it the home of our writing updates; since we write pretty much all the time.

Our latest writing update is that we hit 20,000 words on our latest story, Dereck & Bekah. The sad part is - I can't remember how long we've been writing it. A little under a month, I'd say - but perhaps Ashley can remind me. ;)

Anyway, let us know what you think of the template; the blog, everything! And feel free to follow us & comment. :)

-Kylie (aka Sky)
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