Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getting Closer [60K]

Greetings, earthlings!

It is unintentional that we should update our blog only when we reach a certain wordcount goal, but that seems to be the way it happens. As it is, Ash and I have been brainstorming lately for a new series of books.

Simply put, we have the Series That Never Ends.

"These are the books that never end... it just goes on and on my friend! Some people started writing it, not knowing what it was, and they'll continue writing it forever just because they are the books that never end..."

I'll stop there.

Anyway, the current series we're writing now should be enough books to satisfy us, right? Wrong.

As if it wasn't enough, we must write about our characters' children, too.

Are we crazy? Yes. We are.

Our series started with Bekah and Dereck's story. Then we wrote about Leighla, Bekah's best friend. Then, are going to write about Hawk, who is another character that shows up in Leighla's books. And then, we decided to write about Emily, who's one of Cale's friends. The list goes on.

Ashley and I have been coming up with ideas like crazy though, and my brain is always running with ideas. I was at the mall tonight and had a notebook with me. The notes I scribbled down look something like this...

You Belong w/ me
Ryan has to have the last name O'Connor, since he's the only one who can carry on the bloodline.
Shae can play violin.
Shae and Landon?

Welcome to my brain. ;)

So, what was the point of this post, again? Oh, right. We hit 60k in Much Love, Morgan. (YAY!!!)

Pretty soon we'll finish this book, and we'll move on to Love Forever, Leighla. Then we'll write Ever Emily. And then we'll write Taylor's story. And then Ryan's. And Shae's. And Cooper's. And the list goes on...

And this is just one series. We still have Will and Elle's whole story to write, and who knows what else we'll come up with?

If we have any genius ideas to take over the world, you'll be the first to know.

Conquering the world one word at a time,

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

50 K

Can you say wow? Oh my word. Kylie and I had a tiny bit of a writing frenzy the last couple of days and we finally hit our 50K mark. That's one of the most exciting parts of the story for me, and I'm not even sure why. 

We still have a lot of plot, though. This story should be the same length, or a tiny bit longer than Becoming Bekah. Much Love, Morgan is taking on such a bigger plot (even though it wasn't planned at the beginning), and seriously I can't believe that it's going to be long.

When Kylie and I started our writing journey for Much Love, Morgan, we were a little skeptical about writing it. Because we didn't have a plot completely written out. We knew what we wanted to happen in the story, but we weren't sure where we wanted to go with the whole thing. We weren't sure of what all was going to happen - the main theme, even. 
So starting to write a story with just a rough plot is really, really hard. I should know. I do it all the time. And usually those stories fail.

But when Kylie and I are writing together, we always have a good time. We can figure out funny things to happen and we do it together. That's what so fun about writing with my best friend. We can take a story, some characters and our writing, and we can make it into something bigger and better than either of us ever anticipated. It's amazing.

I, myself, actually started a story about two girls named Ashlynn (me) and Skylar (Kylie). It really isn't ABOUT us, 'cause I made a ton of fictional characters, but it's neat to write about a friendship as awesome as Kylie's and mine.

Okay, I'm done now. :) Just wanted to tell you all that we have officially hit 50,000 words. Wow. Just saying that makes me wanna go and dance around the room. 
You'd be glad that you can't see that. 'Cause I can't dance.
At all.
Kylie would second me on that one ;) 

So, in honor of our book Much Love, Morgan, I shall sign off like this:
Much Love,

Friday, June 17, 2011

40K... Er, 45k

Well, Ashley and I keep meaning to post, but we've been really busy. Ashley spent a week at the beach, and I have been editing two novels at once. Nothing like editing novels to keep you on your toes. And to keep you away from blogging.

Never fear, though! We've been returning to our crazy writing frenzies, as usual. :P And with that, we've gotten fresh inspiration for this story, Much Love, Morgan, and we've also hit 40k.

Well, make that 45k. ;)

This story is going fairly well, though not as fast or easy as Becoming Bekah. It's kind of one of the harder stories to write in the series, as we didn't have a lot previously planned for it. However, we brainstormed one day a couple weeks ago and came up with some new ideas, which makes me really excited. And here we are, stillllll writing. Whoever said writing is easy was wrong. :P

We still have a lot of plot to go before we hit 80k, so wish us luck!

And I'll have to poke Ashley into posting soon... hear that, Ash? ;)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Meet Will & Elle [Again]

Since I haven't posted in a while, Ashley made me asked me to post. Ashley and I recently revisited some of our favorite characters, Will and Elle. If you've been reading our blog for a while, you already have met them in our very first typecast. But, if you haven't heard of them before, today is your lucky day!

Readers, prepare to meet Elysse Marie Moser & William Dray Farris.

I love them. 'Nuff said.
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