The Page of Epic Quotes

"You can make anything by writing."
— C.S. Lewis

"Honey is sticky!" ~Ashley

"If you're watching this video, you know who you are..." ~Kylie

"Yeah, you know...duh!" ~Ashley

"Since when are we getting married?"


"Carlo! Get yourself together here. We've got nuts all over the floor!" [Kylie]

"Cocoa is so good for yo!"

"This year has gone fast really by." [Ashley]

"His elbow touched me!" [Kylie]

"Sticky buns!" [Kylie]

"Skellar Tart." [Ashley]

"Have you never seen him?! I have to show him to you!" [Ashley]

"Hey, I know...wait. No, I don't." [Ashley]

"For his one song...wait. Not song! Doi!" [Kylie]

"We should watch Jord-oh." [Kylie]

"I like to watch the video where...Hi, Fm Static!!!!!!!!!!!!" [Ashley]

"Ladies and Gentleman, Benton has crossed over to the dark side." "The dark side tastes delicious!"


"He does that weird thing with his lip! In every video!" [Ashley]

"He needs to get a lip amputation...oh, wait! That wouldn't work!" [Kylie]

"The next thing the story knows..." [Kylie]

"Pardon me."

"Do YOU ride around with a blindfold?"

"We're going to the moon, people..." [Brian Calcara]

"Smokey the Bear would not be happy." [Brian Calcara]

"Famouse makes me think of French mice!" [Kylie in a convo with Ashley]

"ME OO!" [Ashley, having typing issues]

"Never mind." [Ashley]

"Okey dokey!" [Ashley]

"That's funny." [Ashley]

"I was pale before Twilight made it cool." [Ashley]

Jordan : "Wait, what flew out the window again?"
Brian and Jordan : *crack up!*
Brian : "What kind of chips were they again?"
Jordan : "Pap-a-rika!"

"He has eyebrows!" [Kylie]

"Honey is sticky!" [Ashley]

"Yes you have. N't."

"I have no idea whatsoever."
"Oh, you do use big words!"
"Sometimes...but only sometimes." ~ Inside Joke

"Okey Dokey!" [Ashley]

Famouse makes me think of French mice!" '[Kylie]

"ME OO!" [Ashley having typing issues]

"Never mind." [Ashley]

"That's funny." [Ashley]

"I was pale before Twilight made it cool." [Ashley]

"I miss my tweeter!" [Ashley]

"Random tar..." [Ashley]

"Make sure to tell me if you meet Brian and end up dead." [Kylie]

"I got married, I don't remember what it looked like." [Ashley, about a dream she had]

"Yeah, no.." [ Kylie]

"Oh my tosh." [Kylie having typing issues.]

"Does that mean you're falling for me?"
"In your dreams."
"I'll look forward to that."

"Shut up and let's go get some cake."

"I didn't do it! I haven't done it in my whole life!" - [Kylie and Ashley]

"He's funny! But he's bad!" [Ashley]
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