Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hello all

Um wow, so it's been a long while since either of us have posted on this blog. Probably because all of November we both did NaNo last month - and successfully, I might add! We were so glad for that.

Lately, she and I have been writing separately - trying to find our "voices" in writing. I've been working on a story about a girl who is deaf. Her father left her family when she was fifteen, and that caused her to stop writing novels (which is her passion). The goal in this story is to make her find her writing again, to learn to look past what her dad did and get back to her writing. I think it's probably the most well-written story that I've ever written.
I'm not saying that to brag in any way - it's just the story is coming together way better than I ever thought that it could. Sometimes I can just sit and write pages upon pages of it in my notebook, and I feel so good afterwards. I don't know that I've ever felt that good about any other story that I've written.

As for Kylie and me - our writing together is sort-of on the back burner for now. We may get back to it at some point because we have so many great plots that just need to be written - or rewritten from past books - but like I said, for now, it's just  not working. We're both super busy, and don't really have the time to write together.
Hopefully we'll be able to get back to that next summer when we both have a little bit of free time! I miss writing with my best friend.
But until then, I plan to find my voice as a writer and try to grow as one, as well. 

Until next time!
Ciao ya'll!
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